Since opening the cafe in 2014 I’ve become so passionate about small business - not just my lil business but everyone else’s small businesses too! I love seeing people absolutely killing it in their field and I’ve met so many incredible people through the cafe, in particular incredible women entrepreneurs, who I probably wouldn’t have crossed paths with otherwise. 

One of my favourite things about running Daisy’s has been working on the gifts side of things and launching and building the online store. I mainly want people to place orders because I love gift wrapping them so much! This new aspect of the business has thrust me into the maker community and the more I look the more amazing local independent designers I find whose work I would love to stock. 

Although I’m not a maker, or talented at drawing, or anything like that, I get so much creative fulfilment out of co-ordinating Daisy’s, so recently my absolute favourite thing has been collaborating with designers and businesses I love. 

The Daisy's Chain is all about the chain of people who I have been lucky enough to work with or are connected to Daisy’s in some way. I wanted to do a small profile on each person or business so the Daisy’s Chain can be together as an online community and source of inspiration for people who visit the website and our customers can get to know our suppliers and collaborators better.

Tell me a little bit about what BAU.TISTA does?

Bau.tista creates handmade polymer clay earrings for the quirky, colourful and eccentric. Earrings made with various colours, textures and intricate detail. Made for those who wish to accentuate their

individuality and exci...

How did Petal & Fern start? 

It was almost accidental, really. After I finished studying floristry at TAFE I started arranging flowers for friends' weddings, then the weddings of friends of friends – it just snowballed from there.

What led you to become a florist? 


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